These are all the amazing blogs and people behind them that make my dash a beautiful place. Some of them I know very well and talk to a lot, some I don’t but admire from a distance. Some I’ve been following for ages and others are only recent discoveries. Some really knows how to make me happy and I gotta say, never have I ever seen so many perfect blogs.


isa » eva » sandra» vivian » katie » anya » alex » carla

I want to thank all of you, girls. I had – and I’m still having - an awesome time fangirling, laughing, crying and growing with you all. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for making me smile, thank you for all the messages and your kind words. Thank you so much for making my tumblr experience a great one. You’re hilarious, you make damn good gifs (I don’t care if you disagree), and you’re the most down to earth people I follow. I’ve been following you since I first joined tumblr, before anyone even knew me, we were friends. Never change.

And now, onto the blogs. Nice people, photoshop masters. Everyone should follow these flawless people because they make my day so much brighter.


broken—melody, callistahogan, catmans, cinkat, craving-heart,


damonsaviour, delenanian-shipper, delena-winchester, delenasaviour, destinys-delena, diaryofdelena, dobreva-queenelenassaviour, eternalsouls, findmysoulasigohome, fyelenandamon,


gayformsdobrev, home-is-where-delena-is, iansmolderholic, ithinkimightveinhaledyou, ibelieveinsoulmate, iwouldnthavemetyou,


jacesclarissa, jonarryn, mirchoffbeau,


niansomerhalder, niansloochnottheworstcompanyintheworld, oceanwide-, ohmypreciousgirl,


salvatore-vampire, smolderhalder, smolderhalderland, somesley, stewark, supportdelena,


teamdelenaxi, tear-of-a-phoenix, thequeenofdrama, twin-flames, uxmakexmexsmile, wildfire-attraction.

In case I missed anyone, you can always refer to my blogroll. Basically, my whole FF. Thank you all for everything, keep being perfect.

So, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope you guys have a great time. I love you all dearly. XOXO

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